The Android mobile app development for a Romanian news in English platform

Visit Bucharest Today APP is a Romanian news in English platform that offers fresh and objective news, both in English and in Romanian. By using Valahia News app, you find selected and the most important Romanian news of the day.

You can quickly and easily read Romania and international news in many categories like politics, economy, tech, justice, social, sports and opinion.

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Client Objectives

  • Clean and attractive UI/UX design;
  • Layout and formatting;
  • Useful, high quality and relevant content;
  • Rendering optimization;
  • Compatible with any Android version.

This is how the mobile application looks like:

Valahia News articles
Valahia News categories
Valahia News application

By downloading App, you’ll find out it has many things to be proud of:

  • We built responsive layouts that allows users to easily find the content on our app;
  • The application uses multiple threads in order to speed up the display of all the images at full quality;
  • The number of downloads increases every week.

Project Particularities

The layout design has been developed along a UX/UI specialist. Also, it was created for full functionality and mobile compatibility.
We created an original identity of the application: specific vocabulary and layout for the content.
The downloads growth has increased mostly by high speed and its usefulness.

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