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Catalin ADAM – managing partner TUYA Digital


Our mission – to bring more leads to our clients by using our SEO & Digital Marketing expertise.

By working with TUYA Digital SEO & Digital Marketing specialists you work with an agency recognized in the digital marketing industry for its efficiency and hack growth skills. On top of that, our digital expertise has been appreciated and rewarded with many prizes won in the digital marketing field competitions, such as Webstock or E-Travel Conference.

Our main goal is, besides bringing more unique users on our clients’ webpages, generating leads for our clients – therefore, lead generation is one of our top concerns when servicing any client and we assume lead generation boosts in our contracts.

While calling the experts from TUYA Digital – SEO and Digital Marketing agency, you call the ones who will put your online business back on track or who will speed up your lead generation process.

In either case, you deal with online professionals.


TUYA Digital Team

Our team values customer relationship more than big budgets.
We do our best to meet our customers’ expectations and to keep a close relationship with all our clients.


Our clients

We select our clientele. We do it because of the clients’ requests – if you want to buy SEO & Digital Marketing services that guarantee Conversions & Growth, you need to know in the first place what SEO & Digital Marketing is!

Apart from that, all of our clients get RESULTS and not only promises, and all of them rely on that – you call TUYA Digital for growth hack your webpage and bring results in terms of orders!

TUYA Digital

Your SEO & Digital Marketing Experts


We are proud of the prizes won at digital marketing competitions, such as Webstock 2016 or E-Travel Conference 2016 and 2017. We got confirmations from the public, clients and jury that our mobile apps are recognized for their efficiency and UX, that the websites we designed for our customers are beautiful and fully functional, that our content writing brings exceptional value to our clients’ blogs and that our marketing campaigns are able to raise emotions.


Our expectations from our clients are really high – we expect our clients to really understand the efforts implied in SEO & Digital Marketing and to help us help them (even if the last one sounded like that movie line). Apart from that, we expect our clients to have high expectations from our collaborations – if not then it is possible we didn’t achieve those great results we promised! Ready to work with a multiple digital marketing winner? Call TUYA Digital now!

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your objectives
  • Make your website sell better

  • Create and improve your marketing potential (products, services)

  • Provide access to unique technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful online business

  • Show you clear, measurable results and put in regular work for the development of your online business

Our Story


Started acquiring our first clients for marketing services; it was a painstaking process at that moment, as we just started to make ourselves known in the marketing industry, but looking back at that period, it is nothing more pleasant we could remember.


Developing our first mobile app; it was later awarded for its functionality at Webstock 2016, but at that moment the most important thing was that it was exactly what our customer wanted.


We started getting multiple awards for our Digital Marketing services, at different digital competitions.


We decided to offer our SEO & Digital Marketing Services worldwide, in English.


TUYA Digital become an international SEO & Digital Marketing agency.


We created Visit.Bucharest.today, a platform which presents Bucharest’s highlights, but also all the other tourist attractions available. VisitBucharest.today! is a platform where English-speaking locals and tourists can discover the most visited attractions in Bucharest, but also some of its hidden gems. We continued to offer digital marketing services to our international and national clients.


We have developed Visit Bucharest Today! app. The app guides you through the 6 main categories: Attractions, Tours&Trips, Vibe, Shopping, Tips, and Top Bucharest. We also developed Valahia.news app, which offers fresh and objective news, both in English and in Romanian.


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