What Is Conversion Rate Optimization And Why You Need It?

Suppose you have a business and you want your business to thrive online. Suppose you hire an SEO and that guy brings your website on the 1st page of Google for lots of niche keywords. He’s done his job, but still your customers do not knock at your door…

What should you do in this case? You need a CRO specialist!

Of course, as we already stated on our CRO service page,  we offer this sort of service. But, first of all…

What Is CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and it is, basically, the science behind optimizing the conversion rate of a specific online project.

We offer CRO as a basic SEO service because we think that without optimizing for conversions, one optimizes for search engines in vain. Other agencies offer this service as a supplementary one, but here, at TUYA Digital, we offer it in our SEO package.

The fact is the following: take any online project you want and optimize it as long or as good as you want. Make it perfect! Get to the 1st Google Page and go with it to the client. You know what would be the client’s question?

Right: “But nobody calls or asks for my services or products!”

That moment you’ll realize your SEO efforts are zero without CRO efforts.

CRO makes an online project sell better and this is all that matters for a client.

Clients do not care if they get on the first page or the second, except for the first days when they can boast with that, until they find out nobody knocks on their door, might they be the first website in SERPs for a profitable keyword. This is why CRO is equally important for clients as SEO is.

How Does Your Company Benefit From CRO?

A good CRO guarantees you the following:

  • more users
  • more sales
  • better SERPs
  • improved engagement
  • satisfied customers

We’ll try and explain them step by step.

CRO brings you more users

CRO brings you more users even if it is not its core purpose. Even though, CRO will optimize pages for conversions and Google algorithm sees that. The consequence is that Google will put your page in front of the others, because your page will look more appealing to the users landing on it, as more of them will get to the contact page or will make a conversion.

CRO brings you more sales

CRO is basically the science behind optimizing for conversions and if you succeed in doing so, you also succeed in getting your customers more sales, regardless of the products or services they sale. More conversions bring more leads and more sales, it’s as simple as that!

CRO brings you better SERPs

More conversions tells Google you’re a quality website where users find what they look for. If so, you’ll see how you’ll gradually reach better SERPs.

CRO improves engagement

 If optimizing for conversions, one also optimizes for better engagement and your website will attract more people who will accomplish more actions on it. Moreover, your bounce rate will drastically drop and, again, Google algorithm will measure it for sure, improving your SERPs rankings.

CRO brings you satisfied customers

Better conversions bring more customers and after that it will depend only on the quality of your services for making them feel satisfied. But we’re pretty sure each customer will be satisfied if offered good services or products and helpful support.

Our experience in CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

You can check some of our Conversion Rate Optimization experience on our service page. You’ll see we have lots of it and that experience allows us to guarantee you, as a potential client, the following:

  • visible increase in CRO rate after implementation
  • 20% minimum conversion rate improvement
  • improved cart abandonment rate

Apart from that, we keep in touch with our customers, so as to fine tune our CRO actions and making all perfect – our goals are more users, more customers, more conversions and increased demand for your services or product.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to start our Conversion Rate Optimization project together!

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