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AI Impact on traditional web

The Impact of AI Overviews: Will Google’s Generative Search Drain the Traditional Web?

The impact of AI Overviews launching is still under evaluation, but Google’s announcement of integrating Gemini into its main engine is ground-shaking news. TUYA Digital, the leading European agency specializing in Generative Search Optimization (GEO), delves into the potential impact of Google’s AI Overviews on the web economy. This groundbreaking feature, powered by the powerful

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Best GEO Practices

Best Practices for Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) in 2024

Regarding best Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) practices, one must first understand the difference between SEO and GEO, as Generative Engines are relatively new. From this perspective, if we fully understand what Generative Engine Optimization is, we will also have a clear picture of optimizing our website for AI-driven engines. As mentioned in a previous article

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TUYA Digital Becomes 1st European Agency To Offer GEO Optimization

TUYA Digital, a frontrunner in European SEO & Digital Marketing, has become the EU’s first Generative Engine Optimization (GEO) agency in a groundbreaking move. This disruptive approach signifies a seismic shift within the SEO landscape, strategically optimizing content for the imminent future of search – AI-powered search engines. “As mentioned in our previous communication on

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