how marketing can help you survive the economic crisis

Marketing during recession: How your business can survive the recession by investing in digital marketing

Marketing during recession. It seems like a non-sense, right? For decades now, the economic specialists have been talking about the future economic crisis, which will be “the biggest one so far”. We bet they said the same before all the recessions they went through or before each economic crisis they anticipated, if they had anticipated Continue reading

10 digital marketing trends for 2020

As digital trends change every year, marketers should always be aware of the changes in order to easily adapt with emerging technologies and stay ahead in the digital market. Now it is the perfect time to think about what changes are occurring in this area and how businessmen and digital entrepreneurs can prepare for it.

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digital marketing in 2020

Why is digital marketing strategy so important in 2020?

The arrival of digital technologies has created new ways of promoting online, selling and distributing products. Also, the emergence of social networks has created a favorable environment for the aggregation of the communities. If you own a business in the present day, you need an online presence. This brings us to the online value proposition

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importance branding for your business

What Is Branding And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Branding sets up from the very early stages of a new project all related to marketing, designing, communication, and even human resources. Also, branding influences every component of the organization, from human resources to the quality of the product or the service you offer. The “Face” of Your Business As Jeff Bezos says, “Branding is

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console: What it is and how it helps us in the SEO optimization process

Google Search Console (GSC), the former Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) as it was called in the past, is a free service offered by Google to any website owner, where you can see information about the site indexation, Click Through Rate – CTR level, the keywords used by the visitors to find your site, and recently

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