Web Design for a travel agency

Website development for a client from the travel industry – Click Travel Smart. At the moment they asked for our services, their website needed an urgent upgrade, both visually and functionally. What we did was what you can see…the client was more than happy with the result!

Logo Click Travel SmartWebsite:

Client requests

  • Website development, quickly and with exquisite design
  • Basic initial On Page SEO
  • UX/UI for better interactioning
  • Web Design which generates sales
Click Travel Smart homepage printscreen
Click Travel Smart printscreen
Click Travel Smart results
Click Travel Smart 4 - printscreen website

We picked up a beautiful design, so to entice potential customers to access our client’s website – more than in any other industry, in the travel industry a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why our design was beautifully crafted, taking into account the structure which should favor SEO optimization from the very beginning.

The whole website was firstly structure so as to match the standard of the travel industry. The menu should be visible, but with few buttons in order for the potential tourists to easily find the topics of interest they search for.

Also, we thought the images should impress the viewer, so we picked up some very beautiful pictures of travelling places and placed them strategically to be viewed, admired and clicked by the users.

The whole structure is simple, mobile responsive, light and needs a split of a second to navigate from one page to the other. Also, the upload time for this design is an impressive one.

Project Particularities

For this website  we have worked along with our client, in order to find out the best structure with two key points Рto favor SEO optimization and to be easily navigated!
We presented our client different versions for the same pages, and together we agreed on advantages and disadvantages of them all. Now the website looks and feels exactly as our client wanted!

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