Webdesign, content writing, content marketing, UI, UX, SEO, CRO, SEM & SMM for a client.

Heptaocean is a company dating back to 2006 and offers construction services to public and private clients in Romania.  Honesty and integrity help them to achieve a high quality of work and the ability to meet deadlines and budgets so that our projects are completed successfully and customers are 100% satisfied.

The website was made from scratch in 2021. We also handled all the digital services an online presence require: content writing, content marketing, SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM, especially UI/UX design.

Now the website has a beautiful design, but also great functionalities.

Website: https://heptaocean.ro/

Client Objectives

  • UX and UI;
  • Website development, quickly and with exquisite design
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Create comprehensive and well-structured content;

This is how the website looks like:

Heptaocean website
Heptaocean project
Heptaocean logo

We have chosen a proper design for the industry of our client, so to have the possibility of presenting the construction services and the design, a good part of the potential clients reach the website and would have focused on the construction itself.

The first step was the web design, taking into account the semantic core and the analysis of competitors’ sites. The next steps were content writing, SEO optimizing and also UI/ UX.

Project Particularities

The web design has been developed along a UX/UI specialist. Also, it was created for full functionality and mobile responsiveness.

We created an original identity of the website: specific vocabulary, layout of the pages, colors used, creative presentation.

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