Madame B

Webdesign, UI, UX, content writing, content marketing, SEO, CRO, SEM & SMM for a Restaurant

Madame B is a Tea & Pancakes House in Bucharest, Romania. At the acquisition of the business by the new shareholders, we were contracted to develop and carry out the branding and digital marketing strategy for this concept. We have created an efficient brand and digital marketing strategy, after that we created the new website, which includes information about the restaurant and its specifics, about the menu, as well as a blog section, where curiosities or trends in the field are posted periodically. Also, we have created the social accounts and post there regularly news and events.


This is how the website looks like:

Madame B website
Madame B website
Madame B website
Madame B website
Madame B website
Madame B website

Client Objectives

  • Rebranding;
  • Impeccable Webdesign for a high-end restaurant;
  • Increase customer awareness;
  • Generating traffic by writing relevant and SEO optimized content;
  • Lead generation by digital marketing means;
  • Bringing new prospects to the website;
  • Content marketing and PPC for bringing potential customers;


LOGO Madame B - TEA & Pancake House

The first step was the web design, taking into account the semantic core and the analysis of competitors’ sites. The next steps were content writing and SEO optimizing the website for it to reach the Google’s 1st page for the keywords specific to the industry. In addition, our digital strategy pillar was designed especially for Madame B to increase its notoriety, especially within that segment of the target audience the business wanted to be associated with.

  • SEO optimization through relevant keywords and expressions related to the domain on Google’s 1st page;
  • A responsive website;
  • Comprehensive content;
  • We have increased the number of conversions since the first month;
  • Mobile optimization;

Project Particularities

The webdesign has been developed along a UX/UI specialist. Also, it was created for full functionality and mobile responsiveness.

We performed a SWOT analysis, a PEST analysis and clarified the position of the brand on the reference market. The growth in traffic has been obtained mostly by content writing and SEO optimizing the articles and pages.

New prospects to the website through adequate webdesign, content marketing and PPC, linking root domains plus the DA distribution.

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