Professional Web Design and Web Development

Web Design and Web Development for the most demanding customers

Web Design

We design beautiful websites with great UI and UX – all you need for your company to start selling online or to attract customers.

Web&App Development

We code websites and web applications, in Back End and Front End, so the beautifully designed websites and applications to get full functionality.


User Interface and User Experience – two of the most sought after functionalities by any company looking to communicate with its online customers.

Mobile Friendliness

Convenience and functionality at your fingertips – your websites or applications will look and feel amazing on mobile devices.


Web Designing begins with a research along with our clients in regard to the target audience. After that we design an interface along with different screens and start testing. This ensures that you get not just a pretty picture, but the finished product which fulfills your purposes.


Coding means developing in Back End and Front End, using HTML or JAVA SCRIPT or any other programming language in order to make your website or your web platform look and feel great when interacting with it.


TUYA Digital team have specialized in web design and web development, but also had some app and mobile development great projects, awarded at national competitions. Our main skills allowed us to design and develop taking into account two main ideas: the beauty of the design itself and the functionality for the end user.


Some of our WebDesign Cases


+ 100 websites created

Only satisfied customers

Multiple prizes won for web design and app development

Creativity at its best


And we praise each one of them!


Masters in SEO & Digital Marketing!


We got better with each project completed!

Our Tea and Pancake House needed a strong rebranding and an efficient digital marketing strategy, therefore, we reached out to Tuya Digital. They helped us a lot by establishing who are the direct and indirect competitors, by identifying the marketing opportunities, but also the possible commercial threats for the Madame B brand. They helped our business to have profit by online means in less than two months. I also noticed that every member of the Tuya Digital team is passionate about what they do. They’re open-minded, candid, and flexible, and their approach was refreshing and effective. I totally recommend them!

- Adriana G. -

I think Tuya Digital has done a fantastic job in helping us get the right message to the people we need to reach. Since partnering with them, all of our metrics have improved. We've seen very good results and received positive feedback from our clients. They found solutions to any problems that came up.

- Nicholas H. -

I have been working with Tuya Digital for almost two years and I am very pleased with this collaboration. Very punctual, correct, and professional. They helped me to take my business to a level I didn't expect. We noticed a strong increasing of traffic and an impeccable web design Thank you, Tuya Digital!

- Andreea S. -

"The reason we chose TUYA Digital over other companies was their value for money and their great customer care. I have already worked with TUYA Digital for developing other projects, but one of them stands out: ColiPrev, a project with a beautiful design, fully responsive and easy to be accessed and navigated. I will definitely work with them again and I recommend TUYA Digital for their website development skills."

- Bogdan R. -

TUYA Digital can create a beautiful and functional website in just a few days, and also they can speed up the lead generation process big time.

- Marius K. -

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