Google Algorithm Update December 2021: Product Review Algorithm

December 2021 came out with a major Google algorithm update. The new search algorithm update took about three weeks to roll out on all the internet English websites. It was the second algorithm that targeted product reviews, after the first one debuted in April 2021.

How does the new Google Algorithm Update from December 2021 work?

Google brings the product closer to the customer in the latest update algorithm. This algorithm wants to ensure that all the websites that put more effort into product reviews content deserve a special and higher place in searches from the competitors on the web.

Google stated that reviews that have “insightful analysis” and “original research” will be recognized, particularly “content written by experts or passionate about the topic.” Thus, the websites that have had special areas for reviews, or let customers offer reviews occupy the first positions in Google search results than those that didn’t.

Google also stated that it has received more feedback from users about what kind of reviews are trustworthy and useful:

“This motivated us to offer additional product review guidance. We have received feedback from users that they trust reviews that show products have been tested and prefer more options for purchasing the product.”

Following our SEO tool in December 2021, we have detected a major fluctuation for some keyword positions of our clients who don’t have a special category for product or service review. Noticing it, we were focused on useful content writing around products to make sure Google ranked on them and will not lose the positions.

Position variations of keywords and websites fluctuated in the December month for English-language pages, but Google provided two practices to consider around this update.

The first one is to include more multimedia in product reviews – to support the credibility and strengthen the reviews, you must provide evidence, such as audio or visuals of personal experiences with the product. The second is to link to multiple sellers and not just one to give readers the choice to buy from the merchant of their choice.

This update affected only the product reviews content, so if your organic traffic were declined, you should consider the best practices offered by Google. All this being said, Google definitely may want to bring customers as close as possible to products or services. This could have gone wrong for certain websites that lost positions in Google search results. In the long term, all websites must put the effort into product reviews to stand out from the competition.

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