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Webdesign, content writing, SEO, CRO, SEM & SMM for a client from Legal Services


Boerescu & Ciocodeică is a professional law firm, headquartered in Bucharest, with over 12 years of experience in litigation before common law and arbitral tribunals.
The professional law association needed a website, which we designed in 2019, and also, all the digital services an online presence require: content writing, SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM.

Website: https://bcplegal.ro/

Client Objectives

  • Impeccable web design for a law firm;

  • Useful, high quality and relevant content;
  • Rendering optimization;
  • Layout and formatting;

  • Mobile optimization;

  • Link building;

This is how the website looks like:

BCP legal Projects
BCP legal Tuya Digital Project
BCP legal - Tuya Digital Projects

The first step was the web design, by focusing on the semantic core and the analysis of competitors’ sites. The next steps were content writing, SEO optimizing, and also link building.

  • Passes the 2-second test, which is a method of user research that helps you measure what information users remember and what impression they get within the first 2 seconds of viewing a website;

  • We designed a responsive website and created a comprehensive content;

  • We have increased the number of conversions since the first month;

Project Particularities

The web design has been developed along a UX/UI specialist. Also, it was created for full functionality and mobile responsiveness.

We created an original identity of the website: specific vocabulary related with the domain activity, layout of the pages, colors used and creative presentation.

We have created a comprehensive content using keywords from the legal services law, SEO optimizing, and also link building.

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