LAWYER/ATTORNEY – running for office version

Webdesign, UX/UI, SEM and SMM

Lawyer Alexandru Paun logoAlex Păun is a Romanian lawyer who approached us when he was running for the dignity of Counselor in the Bucharest Council Bar.
His main areas of activity are: civil law, criminal law and business law. Yet, the experience was to be put on a secondary plan, due to his interests in the ongoing elections.
He has extensive experience in litigation related to claims, successions, as well as disputes, particularly complex in matters of commercial law, family law, tax evasion, money laundering and related offenses.


Client Objectives

  • Impeccable web design for his candidacy for the dignity of Counselor in the Bucharest Bar Council;
  • Useful, high quality and relevant initial content;
  • Layout and formatting;
  • Mobile optimization;

This is how the website looks like:

Web Site Paun Alexandru
Web Site Paun Alexandru
online campaign for his elections

The first step was the web design, then SEM and SMM. We have conducted the online campaign for his elections, including creating compelling ads and videos in order for him to gather notoriety, vote intentions and votes.

  • The website passes the 2-second test;
  • We designed a responsive website and created a comprehensive content;
  • We have increased the number of conversions since the first month;
  • We have gathered a social community around its social media pages;
  • We have generated engagement and created the vote intention desired;

Project Particularities

The web design has been developed along a UX/UI specialist. Also, it was created for full functionality and mobile responsiveness.

We created comprehensive content using keywords from the legal services law, SEO optimizing and also link building, putting the new pages created on Google 1’st page.

We created an original identity of the website: specific vocabulary related with the domain activity.

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