Webdesign, bilingual Content Writing, SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM and E-MAIL MARKETING for a client from the energy efficiency industry

This project has implied designing and re-designing until the client (a highly demanding one) was satisfied with the result. Now the website has a beautiful design but also great functionalities.

EXE GREEN HOLDING is a multinational company, with a turnover of more than 5 million USD and it’s constantly expanding its business overseas. This is why we were hired to develop multilingual content, in English, German and Romanian.

The project implied a tremendous effort, but it payed off completely: we SEO optimized the whole structure for English and Romanian and we have also optimized the website for conversions. The organic views and the conversions grew constantly and the project is now one we can pride with.

What have we done?


The main client’s objective was increasing the daily percentage of visits from United States, Germany and Romania, which at that moment were its main targeted markets.

+1000% daily visitors

+300% contact page views

+240% conversions and leads

+150 keywords on 1st page %

EXE Green Holding - percentage of country visits

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