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SEO, Content Writing, Lead Generation, CRO, SMM and E-mail Marketing for a client from the consultancy industry

The first request of our client was SEO optimizing the whole structure in order to bring more leads. For accomplishing this major objective, we started analyzing the traffic sources, the website structure and the SERPs for the relevant keywords for the industry.

Only afterwards, we analyzed and SEO optimized the whole website (metadata, H1-H6 titles, keywords, images, and so on).

The results were really spectacular, as in the first months of this project we doubled, month after month, the number of the leads: from 6 leads in June to 12 in July and to 24 in August, while the number of unique users getting to the website remained the same!

Later we started doing professional content writing, which succeeded in bringing, in only 6 months, 4 times more unique users on our page, as it is shown in the results graphic below. It meant 4 times more leads and 4 times more customers, with no PPC promotion whatsoever!

What have we done?

SEO optimization

Lead Generation

Conversion Rate Optimization


+400% more unique users

+1000 keywords on the 1st Google page

+400% increase in leads

+400% more clients

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