Top 10 Best Meme Websites to Boost Your Traffic and Get Backlinks

The popularity of the memes has skyrocketed in the last years, and it is also maintaining its position in 2022. We are using them in our daily life, but we don’t often understand the power of a meme. A single meme can change our mood, and it has been integrated into cultures and used worldwide. The interesting fact about a meme is that it can be used as a tool to boost your marketing and SEO strategies.

In this article, you will find how a simple meme can bring traffic to your website and what are our top 10 meme sites to start popularizing your meme.

But first and foremost, what’s a Meme?

A meme is a text-enhanced image that has gone viral and usually points out cultural icons, societal concepts, or current events. A meme is usually a visual or video, although it can also be a text block. When a meme strikes a chord with many people, it is shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, messaging, and more. The higher the cultural influence of a meme, the more it spreads.

Memes have become a worldwide phenomenon. People will share a meme more if it resonates with them, spreading further. Memes are usually amusing, but they frequently include biting political or social commentary.

Memes are created for various reasons, including shock value or to impart a life lesson. Occasionally, a single snapshot or brief video will elicit hundreds of amusing responses. A meme may appeal to a small group of people at times, or it may appeal to a large group of people at other times.

How Can a Meme Help Promote your Business?

When memes are used correctly for marketing objectives, they can generate positive outcomes. Here is why memes are a good promotion tool:

Viral Content

Many people use the Internet for social or communication purposes, but not for business. Memes are often used funnily. Whether it is hilarious gifs or a photograph, social-media users are sharing meme content with their friends due to its ease and simplicity of perception and the life of the situation portrayed in the meme, which might result in virality.

Accessibility and Simplicity

You don’t need to set aside any additional funds to develop a hilarious meme for the meme to go viral. It’s enough to have a good sense of humour and a good website dedicated to creating memes, which you will find in our top 10.

You can use a meme to communicate some seemingly complex ideas or thoughts in a comic format to the consumer. You will not generate issues in perception and achieve your purpose in this manner. But the essential thing of making a meme viral is through simplicity and how you can relate through the message sent with a mass of people.

Focus on Social Media

On social media, visual content performs effectively. Memes can assist increase the amount of activity on your site. Content that spreads quickly online and raises interest in a product or brand is used in viral marketing efforts. People share this content with their friends, coworkers, and other industry professionals, and it spreads. The most typical way for content to go viral is via social media.

Backlinks, Likes, Shares, and Traffic

Memes are the most widely circulated type of content on the Internet. This means you can incorporate them into your SEO and marketing campaigns. An excellent way to get more traffic through memes is to share them on social networks and meme websites.

Here are our top 10 meme websites to boost your traffic and get backlinks

1. Bemorepanda

Bemorepanda takes the #1 spot in our top meme websites list. Bemorepanda is where to go if you want to locate the most popular or boost your creation and get backlinks. As the name implies, this platform is more than a meme website, exceeding your expectations.

This platform provides interesting posts and comic memes in a creative manner.

What does Bemorepanda provide to its followers?

Bemorepanda created a variety of categories for the user to choose from. You can find memes on various topics, and it keeps you updated with the newest memes on the Internet.

The platform provides its readers with exciting articles as well. The user may be interested in reading articles like ‘Cities in Ukraine before and after Russian bombing‘ or ‘Top 20 most dangerous male jobs in the world‘ and many more.

Either way, their platform is, by our opinion, the most interesting out there, combining the qualities of a meme website with the versatility of a news platform on various subjects. Either way, by sharing or quoting their content, you can get lots of exposure and backlinks.

Are you interested? Check out Bemorepanda and boost your traffic!

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is a meme website where users can subscribe to personal blogs and post their creation of memes and Gifs. The platform is an excellent website for getting inspired by the latest memes or promoting your meme, and getting backlinks to your blog.

It is one of the most famous out there and no more words are needed to tell about the opportunity it offers for those who use it to boost their own traffic.

3. Know Your Meme

Know your meme meme website

If you are searching for hilarious memes to improve your traffic, then pay a visit to Know your meme. Know your meme might be a good start for you. You start learning how to create a meme, and, at the same time, it is a great website to learn how to track your favourite memes. On this platform, the users can analyze the impact of their meme posts and improve their content to get viral.

Viral? Of course, as Know Your Meme offers plenty of opportunities to improve your traffic and get backlinks from it.

4. Reddit

Reddit meme website in 2022

Reddit is more than a meme website, it’s more about content and socializing.

The platform is known for its diverse network connections and user interaction. Reddit connects its users through their passion and interests, making socialization through memes a popular way of communication. Whether you are into gaming, sports, Tv, travel, health&fitness, or fashion, Reddit is a beautiful tool to use for memes and GIFs

5. 9GAG

meme website 9GAG

9GAG is one of the most popular meme websites, having an impressive number of followers on Facebook. The website is influential in the meme world because of its content sharing on social media. 9GAG contains categories like hot, fresh, trending, top, memes and most famous for its users.

Still, 9GAG lost some of its attraction, mostly because of the recent social platforms that went viral. But it’s still worth accessing it and give your website a boost.

6. IMgur

IMgur meme webite

Imgur is a platform for viral images and memes. The website is interesting for its a tool that can narrow down the user’s search to find the perfect match of its interests. Imgur is the site for any funny content to get famous on the Internet, from bizarre GIFs to cute animal memes.

7. Tenor

Tenor takes our number 7, having a wide range of GIFs and memes for any user. Many social media users are familiar with the platform for sharing memes on their page to obtain more traffic. Tenor is a valuable site to get backlinks from social-media users. So if you are seeking funny memes to share with your friends, check out this website.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest meme website

Pinterest is a popular website for images in general, but it might be a good platform for you to start your meme journey. The platform has an extensive range of options, with many meme posts. According to the website design, users can discover new images, memes, or GIFs, easily sharing on social media.

9. Quickmeme

Quickmeme wbesite for meme

Quickmeme is a meme creators’ playground. The website lets users create and share their memes on multiple social media platforms. Reddit users founded Quickmeme in a way that allows you to broaden your search, and it can be an easy way to boost your traffic. You can find classic memes on the website that will certainly bring back old memories that will make your friends laugh out loud.

10. Gifbin

Gifbin meme website

Gifbin takes the last spot in our top 10 meme websites. The platform has excellent recommendations from its users, being a straightforward site to use. Gifbin members are the leading meme creators, with the rest originating from other websites and social media platforms. Gifbin can distribute your meme to other media from general to specialised categories to make the content viral.

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