Content marketing, SEO, CRO, SEM & SMM and Lead Generation for a client offering Legal Services

Malescu Law - Tuya Digital Project

Malescu Law offers legal services in business law and immigration law. They advise non-U.S. companies on matters concerning business operations in the United States, and U.S. companies with business operations abroad.

The client needed SEO for their website, a better conversation rate and all the digital services an online presence require: content marketing, CRO, SEM, SMM.


Client Objectives

  • Improving the lead generation process;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Domain Authority and Page Authority Growth;
  • Conversation Rate Optimization;
  • Link building;

This is how the website looks like:

Malescu Law Projects

The first task was to optimize the whole lead generation process for the existing traffic. The website had some organic traffic, yet it didn’t offer the client the expected number of leads. We solved that through our lead generation process technique. Also, conversion rate optimization offered better chances for the leads to become clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization was also a priority, taking into account the semantic core and the analysis of the competitors’ sites;

  • Passes the 2-second test – which is a method of user research that helps you measure what information users remember and what impression they get within the first 2 seconds of viewing a website;

  • We have increased the number of leads since the first month. Actually, in two months time we have managed in getting double the existing amount of leads;

  • We have increased the amount of conversions;

Project Particularities

In only 2 months we have doubled the existing number of leads. This was done by using our lead generation process optimization technique for projects from the legal industry.

In only 3 months from the beginning of the Search Engine Optimization the organic traffic has doubled. It is growing continually.

We have improved the identity of the website: specific vocabulary related with the domain activity, layout of the pages, CTAs used and other features which helped our client improve its presence online.

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