Be Aware: Scam Attempt!

Dear all,

We were notified that many people are tricked into believing that we hire staff for petty activities such as liking videos on YouTube or subscribing to specific channels.

We officially announce that TUYA Digital is not involved in hiring people for tasks like YouTube subscriptions, video likes, or any other retributed tasks. It is not our way of conducting digital marketing; we don’t believe in nor adhere to such activities.

We learnt that our brand name is used, especially on Telegram and TikTok, by third-party individuals with whom we don’t have any connection and who claim they work for us.

To our knowledge, scammers use this sort of strategy, asking people to subscribe to various YouTube channels and offering small incentives, after which they ask for 20 repetitive tasks that are supposed to offer you BTC or any other cryptocurrency. This has no connection with us; it is not us but a scam.

Again – we do not offer any incentives or hire people for such tasks, and any such attempt is to be immediately reported to the authorities. Also, when you see such ads appearing on social media channels, please report those ads as fake/scam/pretending to be another person or business.

Please check our official social media channels on our website and refer to them only in any circumstance.

Thank you, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by using our brand name.

Team TUYA Digital

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