What is SEO and how can it improve your lead generation process?

Lots of companies interested in working with TUYA Digital ask this specific question: How will SEO help my company? Does SEO bring more leads?

The answers are more complicated than any given SEO agency will ever try and tell but we promise to offer a detailed perspective for any interested client.

First of all, what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically SEO is the process of optimizing a certain content or a certain page in order for it to be reached organically for certain keywords by as many unique users possible.

Memorize this definition – optimizing content or webpage to be reached by as many users as possible.

How can a certain content or webpage be optimized?

It is more complicated than you can imagine. There are multiple techniques and we will try and explain each one on our blog. The fact is that nowadays SEO doesn’t mean only optimizing a certain website by optimizing its content but lots of other different things. For example, did you know that by optimizing meta-titles or meta-descriptions you can significantly improve your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)? Or, by optimizing the design of a certain website or the positioning and the colors of the CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

By buying SEO services from an SEO agency you do not buy only one type of services but all sorts of them – you buy a better design of your website (because a respectable SEO agency wouldn’t let it apart if they want you get on the first pages of Google), you buy a better UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) for your website (because the SEO agency would be highly interested in offering the visitors of your website the smoothest way possible for interacting and browsing your pages), you buy a better content for your page (because a good SEO agency knows that a good and a better optimized content brings your website in front of other competitors’), you buy a better online reputation for your company (because reputation is something that brings customers and boosts sales), you buy a better digital marketing strategy (because a digital marketing campaign can significantly improve SEO results) and so on.

So, if you asked us…

…we would tell you that SEO is more than the average SEO agency will try to sell to you. SEO, in our opinion, is everything when it comes to your online presence, from design to lead generation and sales.


Can SEO give a boost to the Lead Generation Process?

Our answer is YES, it can. SEO, the Search Engine Optimization process we understand it to be, can significanlty boost your lead generation process in a short while. SEO is the most convertible channels out there.

Lead generation and conversion generation is one of our highest priorities as a SEO & Digital Marketing Agency. In fact, clients don’t want more traffic in particular but they want their sales to reach the sky.

One unsatisfied client means one lost client.

Therefore, we don’t offer only SEO & Digital Marketing services, we also offer the guarantee of a boost for leads and conversions. We do that by SEO techniques but also by SEO complimentary techniques – in fact, we put together the optimum blend of SEO and Digital Marketing ingredients in order for boosting sales.


Because our customers do see a boost in their lead generation process.

Because our clients are very satisfied with the position of their webpage in SERP after working with us.

Because our clients do see their sales growing month after month due to our services.

In conclusion

Can SEO give a boost to the Lead Generation Process? YES, if it’s done by the right SEO agency.

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