SEO tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile for more connections


LinkedIn is one of the top 5 sites that Google indexes regularly (the others being YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter). This makes it critical that you apply SEO to your profile if you want better search visibility. Therefore, your LinkedIn presence has a whole array of potential benefits – both for your personal profile and also for your business.
LinkedIn SEO differs from regular SEO due to the fact that the keywords that users type in to find services and businesses on LinkedIn aren’t always the same as what users type into Google. That’s because the average user doesn’t consider LinkedIn to be a search engine. They use it as it is intended – as a social media platform – and therefore they mostly use short-tail terms that match users’ job titles. Now, let’s dive into LinkedIn SEO.



Is Linkedin useful for your business?

Linkedin represents an environment dedicated to professionals in different fields and is very useful when your company offers B2B products or services. Even for B2C companies, Linkedin can be very useful for developing new relationships or maintaining relationships with key business partners or the media. Another category of target that we find on Linkedin is made up of high-income consumers – companies that offer services or products for this type of target can try to promote on Linkedin, even if they are B2C. With LinkedIn optimization, you will build connections with some of the best in your industry and attract your ideal clients directly to your inbox.

How to increase the notoriety of a company page on Linkedin?

If you are familiarized with SEO services, you have to know that LinkedIn has a high domain authority. It also gets the tone of user engagement and is loaded with fresh, original content on a daily basis by thousands of users.
There are several methods that can be used to increase the notoriety of the company page on Linkedin. For example, you can insert on your site or in the newsletter a button to direct the users to your profile page, you can distribute the link to the Linkedin page on other social networks, you can insert the link in the email signature.

It is important to update the content constantly and to provide value, so that employees, customers, partners, prospects want to follow the page. Another solution is to use Linkedin Ads, which gives you the unique benefit of making a very specific targeting in a high-quality professional environment (for example your Ads can only be displayed to marketing directors in a certain city).
Here are measures you can take to make sure your profile ranks as high as possible:

Create a Keyword-Rich Profile

If you’ve been in digital marketing for any length of time, then you already know that regular communication with the target audience of the brand with professional content marketing increases the popularity and credibility of your company. You need to do the same thing with your LinkedIn profile.
For starters, make sure that the keyword people will likely use when searching for your services is included in your job title. For example, if you are an expert in digital marketing make sure the phrase “digital marketing” appears in your job title.

Publish Posts

One of the best ways to apply SEO to your LinkedIn profile is through content marketing. You can do that by publishing posts relevant to your niche. Alternatively, you have the option to write an article. This is a great place to publish a blog you’ve written (or part of one) and link back to your website. LinkedIn has very high domain authority, so you can often get a post ranking quicker and faster than your site (unless you have an authoritative site). Here are a few suggestions for content on LinkedIn:
• Case studies
• Articles
• Videos
• Quick tips
• How-to Guides
• Industry News

Customize your URL

If you have never done this before, just take a second look at the URL for your LinkedIn profile. A vague reference to your name is not helpful for anyone, particularly not for search engines. Take a second to change your custom URL to one that has your full name included. Make sure the URL to your LinkedIn profile is customized with your name instead of a random bunch of numbers. It helps a lot, plus it just looks more polished and put-together.

Adding LinkedIn and SEO keywords to your profile

If you find trends as to where those keywords were used in the top profiles of the rankings, try to follow this in your own profile. At the same time, don’t make compromises if you think that your profile copy is stronger by taking a different approach. A plus side with LinkedIn, compared to Google, is that there is no evidence that keyword stuffing is penalized here. However, you want to keep your audience in mind and have your keywords fit into your copy in a compelling, natural way.

Some areas to add keywords:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Experience section
  • Recommendations
  • Skills section.

Beef Up Your Profile with Additional Sections

By simply adding more sections to your LinkedIn® profile, you can add more keywords and phrases that your buyers are using when they look for your products and services. For instance, leverage the Accomplishments section of your profile. Here, you can include publications, projects, and organizations that you have been a part of or awards you’ve won. Some options may include case studies or venture projects.

In conclusion

The basis of this strategy is to conduct LinkedIn SEO keyword analysis, optimize your aesthetic profile, create quality connections and guide visitors through your custom profile funnel. Then, it is simply a matter of making changes based on what works for the target market and business model. Make the most of SEO on LinkedIn and you’ll be able to reach new audiences, generate leads and build on your professional profile.
Are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile? If not, start today.