How to Write Content to Achieve Your Business Goals

Nowadays, as you may have noticed, SEO content will be all about the audience. If you want to improve your content marketing, you have to start by having content that’s highly ranked and user-focused, in order to drive traffic. Content writing occupies an important place between the ranking factors, Google focuses on quality, so it prefers content marketing that manages to attract the user’s attention and proves its usefulness in solving a specific problem. Also, content writing represents one of the most popular growth hacking strategies. For all of you who haven’t heard it already, growth hacking is usually used in relation to early-stage startups who need massive growth in a short time on small budgets.

A content writer is a person specialized in the content of a website, or more precisely in writing articles. Each website has a specific target audience, or a particular audience, and requires different types of content. The articles (or the content) must contain certain keywords that attract visitors to the site. Specially written content for a web site should refer to a particular topic or topic of discussion. It should be as user-friendly as possible, be as complete and easy to read and understand.

Articles written by a content writer are typically designed to describe a product, to help the marketing campaign or to persuade visitors to buy a product. We invite you to read about our perspective on this subject.

 Optimized content

One of the challenges you may encounter when you want to write relevant content is to determine the topics of interest. Thus, before reaching an editor, a SEO specialist is involved in choosing topics to be addressed in articles. It will analyze the amount of searches and the level of competition on a topic and will make the necessary recommendations based on them. SEO articles mean, in other words, the development of useful, informative, convincing and valuable content that is in the user’s interest.

Evergreen content

Content marketing can solve business issues. If you have a good content strategy, you will notice the immediate results: you’ll get back-links that will help increase SEO visibility, quality traffic, and ultimately more conversions. Evergreen items help achieve these goals because it is a type of content that will attract traffic in the coming days, months or years of publication. Thus, the topics you write are important to pass the test of time. For example, choose a viral topic and build an informative article on the subject.

Native advertising

The concept of native advertising refers to that type of content in which the message is delivered in a form similar to the context in which it appears. This type of article will fit naturally into the editorial line of the platform it is integrated with and bring a clear benefit to the user, giving him the information he or she needs.

Targeted Keywords

Your SEO content won’t reach the right people if you fail to optimize it with targeted keywords. These are key terms and phrases for which your audience niche is actively searching. In order to find these terms, you have to clarify:

  •  Who your audience segments are.
  • What kind of information they need.
  • Why they need to know that piece of information.
  • Which keywords the people are using to find it.

Here are some of the directions you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose photos or videos to illustrate the subject you chose;
  • The article must be structured, legible, and divided into paragraphs;
  • The subject chosen must be treated exhaustively so that the reader can obtain a real benefit;
  • The article must contain new, interesting and accurate information;
  • Content is original, not copied from sources;
  • The length of the article should not be less than 600 words. Depending on the subject, an article may reach 1200-2000 words;

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