Reputation Marketing for Search Engines

Maybe you heard about it, but if you haven’t, no worry – today we’re going to explain a few things about SERM – Search Engine Marketing Reputation.

What is SERM and why it is absolutely necessary for online businesses

SERM stands for Search Engine Marketing Reputation, or, in other words, the actions accomplished by SERM specialists in order for a certain online business to maintain its reputation.

Why is it compulsory for any business to maintain its reputation?

Let’s take a car brand, like Ferrari. It is absolutely magnificent to pronounce it, to admire it and to afford buying it. Ferrari is a brand in the first place and only after that is a premium sports car.

If anything would happen regarding its performances, its handling or its engine, the reputation of this brand would suffer and people wouldn’t pay as much for a piece of Ferrari master engineering. This is why there are thousands of employees who take care of the reputation of the car by taking care of its engine and its performances. On top of that, there is a Formula 1 Team which struggles race after race to beat Mercedes and all the other rivals in order to keep the brand’s image as a top performance car maker.

Now, let’s get back to the online businesses. If the reputation of an online shop suffers, the potential buyers would back off and the profitability of the business would drop. This is why there are people who permanently take care of the online reputation of certain online businesses and they struggle to maintain the reputation for the business to be able to flourish.

Which are the three pillars of SERM?

Here, at TUYA Digital, we basically take care of those three pillars of SERM: Google Autocomplete, SERPs and Google Suggestions. These are three different directions and we manage them all.

On short, about each of them…

Reputation management related to Google autocomplete

  • We analyse Google autocomplete suggestions for your brand, your services and/or your products and identify the trends and the negative ones.
  • We manage the reputation of your company, your brand, your services and/or your products by awesome techniques meant to protect and recover your reputation.

Reputation management related to Google first SERP

  • We analyse the search results generated by keywords related to your company name, your brand, your services and your products.
  • We identify the negative results, analyse them and find potential solutions to the issues their presence generate.

Reputation management related to Google suggestions

  • We identify Google suggestions at the end of SERPs for keywords related to your company, your brand, your services or products.
  • We identify the negative results, analyse them and find possible solutions to the issues generated by their presence.

Which are the most important techniques used in SERM?

Basically, there are three main techniques used in SERM:

Managing negative mentions

  • There are negative mentions about online businesses and there is no way you can stop them; they can be mentions from competitions who want¬† to destroy your reputation and steal your clients or simply malevolent remarks.
  • All you can do about it is manage negative mentions; this is what we do here at TUYA Digital

Positive reputation formation

  • You can wait for your reputation to be created by others or you can have other companies, like TUYA Digital, to create it for you

Negative displacement

  • You’d like those negative mentions about your business to be displaced, right? We think the same…

Ready to get started?

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