SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management

The best reputation management techniques for our clients

Reputation management related to Google autocomplete
  • Analyse Google autocomplete suggestions for your brand, your services and/or your products and identify the trends and the negative ones.
  • Manage the reputation of your company, your brand, your services and/or your products by awesome techniques meant to protect and recover your reputation.
Reputation management related to Google first SERP
  • Analyse the search results generated by keywords related to your company name, your brand, your services and your products.
  • Identify the negative results, analyse them and find potential solutions to the issues their presence generate.
Reputation management related to Google suggestions
  • Identify Google suggestions at the end of SERPs for keywords related to your company, your brand, your services or products.
  • Identify the negative results, analyse them and find possible solutions to the issues generated by their presence.


Monitoring and analysis of reputation
  • Monitoring and analysis of social networks
  • Monitoring and analysis of mass media
  • Monitoring and analysis of search engines
  • Monitoring and analysis of competitors and industry
  • Reputation management strategy
Positive reputation formation
  • Formation of positive reputation across media channels
  • Developing positive reputation content plan
  • Increasing audience targeting
  • Managing social network groups
  • Creating positive reputation across blogs and websites
Managing negative mentions
  • Identifying negative mentions
  • Identifying the impact on brand reputation
  • Selecting the strategy to respond to the negative mentions
  • Responding to negative with the involvement of opinion leaders
  • Preparing agents of influence on the forums, social networks and other communication channels
Negative displacement
  • Displacing the negative mentions for local or national SERPs
  • SEO optimizing positive mentions so to displace negative mentions
  • Managing advertisements for displacing negative mentions
  • Creating new domains or re-optimizing old ones so to displace negative mentions from top SERPs

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