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Navon Jobs is a recruitment and placement agency for employers in Romania which offers innovative solutions for recruiting Asian and foreign workforce, connecting human potential to business power. This project implied a tremendous effort, but it paid off completely: we SEO optimized the whole structure for Romanian and English and we have also optimized the Continue reading »

Google Page Experience : UX to become a crucial Google Ranking Factor

Google has confirmed that various user engagement signals will become official and crucial ranking factors in 2021, such as mobile-friendliness, load time, safe-browsing, stability of content, HTTPS and number of intrusive interstitials. We understand that these Google updates are somewhat of a big deal and will address many ranking factors of professional SEO – that’s

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What you need to know about Google algorithm update May 2020

Google made their second major Core Update of 2020 in the context of the Coronavirus Pandemic. On May 4th they announced the update, calling it the ‘May 2020 Core Update’. We know that broad core updates are designed to influence notable shifts within search engine results. We understand that these updates are somewhat of a

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SEO tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile for more connections

LinkedIn is one of the top 5 sites that Google indexes regularly (the others being YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter). This makes it critical that you apply SEO to your profile if you want better search visibility. Therefore, your LinkedIn presence has a whole array of potential benefits – both for your personal profile and

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importance branding for your business

What Is Branding And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Branding sets up from the very early stages of a new project all related to marketing, designing, communication, and even human resources. Also, branding influences every component of the organization, from human resources to the quality of the product or the service you offer. The “Face” of Your Business As Jeff Bezos says, “Branding is

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