Interview with Catalin ADAM, founder of TUYA Digital: “Your Marketing Clients Want More Clients”

Whether talking about digital marketing, social media management, brand awareness or SEO services, your marketing clients want more clients. What is the reason for this assumption? Let’s find out!

There is a growing feeling in the business community to fully satisfy your client’s needs and expectations. But, the question is, is it all your clients ask of you when they say they want more organic traffic? Or more interaction on social media? Or an improved brand awareness? We think NOT.

Your clients won’t be happy with a 25% or 45% increase in organic traffic if that doesn’t bring them more orders. Your clients won’t be satisfied with your social media management services, even though you increase the engagement, if you are not successful in bringing them more clients from social media.

So, as we often said, disregard what your client asks of you, your ultimate goal should be to bring him more clients for his business.

Disregard what your marketing client asks, your ultimate goal should be to bring him more clients

In business, it won’t be enough to provide the marketing services requested. This will not differentiate your agency from the other agencies on the market; secondly, to satisfy and even exceed the expectations of your customers, you must offer them a wide range of services that together go towards the same ultimate goal: to bring more customers.

This is what we consider. Any business or developer novice should remember that: no matter what your client says he wants from your marketing services, he wants more clients for his business. Nothing else!

Catalin ADAM, founder of TUYA Digital – SEO & Digital Marketing, explains it in detail in his latest interview. Catalin and his team have provided top-notch marketing solutions for the past 12 years and have a strong market position.

Catalin ADAM from TUYA Digital - SEO & Digital Marketing

Why your ultimate goal should be bringing more clients, not only organic traffic

When you’re into SEO & Digital marketing like TUYA Digital, chances are your clients ask for specific results from your teams, such as more organic traffic, more engagement on social media or more brand awareness. But is this enough for the client to be happy with your collaboration?

Catalin ADAM, the founder of TUYA Digital, thinks not, and for a good reason. Here is the interview where he explains it all in detail.

Why do you say it’s more important to bring clients than to increase the organic traffic while offering SEO services?

When we were at the beginning, in the first years of offering SEO services, we lost some clients for this reason – we only cared about the tasks they asked from us. The fact was that our main KPI was to bring more organic traffic from SEO optimization. Say, 30% increase over 3 months. Despite that we would achieved it easily, our clients were still not happy. So, it was not enough for the website to grow organically, and the clients ceased our collaboration for a single reason: there were no additional clients coming along with the growth of the organic traffic.

Only then we understood that our ultimate goal, even in SEO, should be bringing more clients beyond the growth of the organic traffic.

Catalin ADAM on why it’s more important to bring clients to your SEO clients

Does bringing more clients to your marketing clients guarantee your keeping of the SEO contracts?

Of cours not, but your chances of keeping your marketing clients increase. So, when you are asked for SEO services, you should bring more organic traffic, by all means. But, beyond this KPI, even if not asked, you should always have your own KPI in mind: bring more clients, not only organic traffic.

If you bring more clients, not only organic traffic, chances are your recurring revenues keep on flowing in. Your client is happier than when you only care about increasing the organic traffic and he’d certainly consider in prolonging your contract.

Catalin ADAM on keeping your SEO contracts by bringing more organic traffic

How to bring more clients to your SEO clients?

It is not an easy task. You should always work with a growth hacker, within your team. We have our own growth hacker and she is responsible for this sort of tasks. Basically, bringing more clients can be achieved in two main ways – one is to focus your organic traffic growth on bringing relevant traffic, meaning buying intention, not only informative searches. Such as to optimize your website for “SEO services in Romania”, not only for “SEO” While searching for “SEO”, one doesn’t always search for SEO agencies, but he or she could’ve wondered what SEO is. So, instead of optimizing your website for “SEO” which is an informative general search, you’d better do it for something more specific, where the intention of actually buying SEO services is higher. Such a transactional phrase, as we call it, could be “SEO services in Romania“. By the way, even here we are on top Google page, which tells something about us having learnt our past lessons.

Another example: instead of trying to optimize your website for “red shoes”, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the one searching for it is also interested in buying, you should better optimize for “red tango shoes for women” which is a transactional phrase.

Go for the transactional, long-tail keywords!

The other approach implies the growth hacking technics. You should do whatever necessary for the users entering your website to convert. This implies Conversion Rate Optimization and this is totally different than SEO.

Catalin ADAM on how to optimize your website for leads and conversion

Does this approach applies to Social Media Management or other services apart from SEO?

Yes, it does. You have to have in mind that your client doesn’t pay his employees in social media shares, nor does he earn money from the likes or comments it gets. Even if he asks for social media management, the same question remains: how to bring more clients from this activity?

You should optimize your posts for clients, no matter what. Yes, the level of engagement or the number of shares could contribute to the number of clients the social media activity brings in, but, again, your ultimate goal should remain the same: bring more clients to your marketing clients.

Brand awareness – this is another service we are requested to offer. Does anybody think any client would be happy with his brand getting more awareness without seeing his client database grow?

This is why, disregard of what we are asked for, we always include Lead Generation and Conversion Rate Optimization in our packages. This helps the client, but also helps us in keeping that particular client.

Catalin ADAM on why digital marketing should bring more clients

About TUYA Digital

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TUYA Digital is an SEO & Digital Marketing agency established in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania. Apart from the marketing prizes won, TUYA Digital is ranked top SEO agency in Romania and in Europe by reputable review platforms, such as Clutch, Sortlist or Viral SEO. This ensures a certain level of knowledge in SEO and digital marketing techniques, from which their clients take advantage.

Also, as the agency is applying optimization for bringing more clients rather than only for bringing organic traffic, TUYA Digital’s clients are more content and their satisfaction level grow accordingly.

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