The power of a copywriter. 5 ways to help your business

Nowadays, advertising is part of our lives. We are exposed not only online, when we see hundreds of ads on each site we click on, but even on every street we walk on, because it is impossible not to see a billboard or a big ad that catches your eye.

Behind every ad, there is a text. It doesn’t matter if it comes as a video, audio, photo or billboard. Behind every text, there is a copywriter.

If you own a business or you are working in the marketing field and you want to grow your product’s awareness on the market place, there are 5 ways a copywriter would definitely help you.

1. A good copywriter catches the attention of your audience

Your clients, when searching for online information, type (mainly on Google) what they are interested in. That is why, if the text on your site is consistent with what people are looking for, they can get easier to you. New generations change how we relate to online and the way we communicate in online environment. An inspired and a well-informed copywriter will help you adapt your message so it’s relevant to the audience you are targeting. Whether you choose to train a person in your company or outsource these tasks, a copywriter is a must.

2. The copywriter is part of the branding process

Did you know that a lot of international brands have met a tremendous growth after a very creative campaign managed by a copywriter? Sometimes all you need is a single idea to save the prestige of your business or to increase its popularity or sales.

The best person to think about what could help you grow is a creative copywriter. Among its responsibilities, there is the process of creating ideas and concepts that could bring added value to the company or to the brand itself by: the way of communication, the language used, the visual materials, the slogan or the catchphrase, the tone and the idea that sustains the whole campaign.

The copywriter is part of the action; he or she is the key to the brand’s positive image in consumers’ mind and to associations with words, tones, characters, ideas.

3. A good copywriter supports sales and distribution channels

The main purpose of the copywriter is to help you sell and generate leads. Whether it’s the sale of products, services, events, courses, ideas or imagine of your brand, the copywriter focuses on selling, even if, at first glance, his or her main purpose inside the company is to write ads or copies.

If you already own a number of sales and distribution channels, you might already noticed that they are always more effective with the support of a copywriter. Through his ideas, through the text, he contributes to the persuasion process of your target audience.

He basically influences their decision and even behavior in favor of your business.

Whether it’s a sale letter, a sale folder, an online sale page, a commercial offer or a newsletter sent through an e-mail marketing channel, a radio ad, a TV commercial or an online video, any material resulting from the efforts of a copywriter will have its main focus on selling.

4. A good copywriter increases the reputation of your business

All of the above mentioned activities directly contribute to increasing your brand’s awareness. Whether we are talking about interaction, whether we are talking about ads or actions that involve your target audience, all of these give exposure to your business.

Nowadays, online promotion methods have diversified and simplified so much that they are available to anyone to use them. But without the support of a good copywriter, your promotion risks not differentiating itself from your competition and not being memorable. In this way, the risk is that the budget allocated for your campaigns will only bring you results in the short term.

5. A good copywriter maintains interaction with your audience

The content created for the platforms on which your brand activates, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, different websites, selling desktop apps or mobile apps, has to be created so that it has the power to determine you audience to be involved and to care about your product. The traffic of a site or the number of the followers is irrelevant if there is no interaction with the website’s content. Every like, share, comment, subscribe or answer of any kind, can get you closer to your audience and shows interest in your brand.

All of these help you get the organic reach, sales, recommendations and leads. So the interaction with the audience is a long term strategy that helps you accomplish your marketing objectives.

That’s why a copywriter is one of the most effective sales persons your company can have. Through his actions, you can earn many long-term benefits.

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